Ranch Chore Jacket in Brun Olive | BLUE H(OUR)| PREORDER

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A meditational and transcendental rain jacket. The crystals selected provide prosperity, auspiciousness, emotional healing, love, inner child empowerment, protection from negativity and physical harm, and connectivity to the world.

Limited edition of 3, $2880 each.

Gemstones: sugilite, aventurine, labradorite, rutilated quartz, hematite, peridot, turquoise, aquamarine, white turquoise, tourmalated quartz, smoky quartz, opalite, dalmatian jasper, snowflake obsidian, herkimer diamond, green moss agate, pearl, angel aura quartz.

Available in Brun Olive. Please email us to discuss crystal choices, your crystals will be chosen in accordance to your needs and preferences. 


BLUE H(OUR) is a collaboration with phenomenological jewelry designer Steph Shiu of H(OUR) Objects. It is a collection of garments imbued with high practical and spiritual functionality. Designed for spiritual practitioners and creatives, the collaboration aims to explore how the physical and spiritual exist in harmony through materiality and placement. 

Each piece has been blessed, amplified and empowered in accordance to Buddhist practices.  


100% Deadstock Brushed Cotton 

*Because of the handmade nature of this piece, please allow up to three weeks before shipment. If you have any inquries, please feel free to reach out at office@georgia-ic25.com 

BLUE H(OUR) pieces are made to order to the specific needs and requirements of each client, so they are final sale only.