Diamond Stingily

by Georgia ic25

Name: Diamond Stingily

Age: 29

Preferred Medium: Poetry

Birthplace / Current City: Chicago/Brooklyn


Describe the path that lead you to the work you do now:

An opportunity to act in a short video titled Notes On Gestures for Martine Syms and I haven’t left Brooklyn yet. 

What are your most important artistic tools?

My voice and hands

What criteria do you use to evaluate your own work? 

If I’m satisfied with it I’m happy. 

How do you find balance in your work? 

I think I’m wobbly in a lot of ways and sturdy in others so there isn’t much of a balance. 

Do you have a daily working routine? Can you describe it? 

I go through waves of regimens but right now I try to wake up early and write for a bit before I leave the house. 

Do you see your work as part of an artistic tradition? Where does your work depart from tradition and move into new territory? 

I am a traditional town’s storyteller with an android. 


How do you know when a piece is done?

I’m satisfied with it but a piece can always be revised 


If you could create your own clothes to work in, what would they look like?

Probably what Maria made. 


Is there anyone you admire? 

My Ainte Pearl


Who has the best uniform?

My Grandma Estelle


**Interview from July 2019

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Photographer: Parker Woods