G E O R G I A ic25  began as a study on the artists Charles and Ray Eames, as well as Georgia O'Keefe. Their everyday wardrobes and legacies inform the three core pieces available  - a chore jacket, five pocket pant and apron. 


Imum Coeli is latin for "bottom of the sky" - it is said to symbolize foundations, referring to our roots and relationships. 


Not defined by gender, G E O R G I A  is sustainably and ethically made in Los Angeles. 


REUNION (Collection One) is designed by Maria Dora

Words and poems on the front page by Jack Sunnucks

Photographer: Keith Oshiro

Artist: Ana Roxanne


Until the end of October, 10% of all proceeds will go to the Audre Lorde Project and the Herbal Mutual Aid Network