G E O R G I A ic25  began as a study on the artists Charles and Ray Eames, as well as Georgia O'Keefe. Their everyday wardrobes and legacies inform the three core pieces available  - a chore jacket, five pocket pant and apron. 

 Imum Coeli is latin for "bottom of the sky" - it is said to symbolize foundations, referring to our roots and relationships. 


Not defined by gender, G E O R G I A  is sustainably and ethically made in Los Angeles.


To move towards a more carbon neutral future, we are commited to planting one tree for each order received. For more information - visit One Tree Planted, a 501C3 Non-Profit Organization based in Vermont.  

All shipping emissions are offset by contributions to the Jari Pará Conservation Project.


Reunion (Collection One) is designed by Maria Dora 

Words and poems on the front page by Jack Sunnucks

Photographer: Keith Oshiro

Artist: Ana Roxanne