G E O R G I A ic25  began as a study on the artists Charles and Ray Eames, as well as Georgia O'Keefe. Their everyday wardrobes and legacies inform the three core pieces available  - a chore jacket, five pocket pant and apron.

As Georgia expands, it is motivated by the idea that clothing is personal and protective. Many of the new silhouettes are sentimental in nature, influenced by the surgical greens that Maria's parents would wear in their medical practice. The result is a wardrobe of minimal essentials that can be layered with one another or worn alone.

 Imum Coeli is latin for "bottom of the sky" - it is said to symbolize foundations, referring to our roots and relationships. Not defined by gender, G E O R G I A  is ethically made in Los Angeles.


BLUE H(OUR) is a collaboration with phenomenological jewelry designer Steph Shiu of H(OUR) Objects. It is a collection of garments imbued with high practical and spiritual functionality. Designed for spiritual practitioners and creatives, the collaboration aims to explore how the physical and spiritual exist in harmony through materiality and placement. 

A limited edition of garments, each embellished with highly resonant crystals and gemstones, will be available for purchase starting September 3rd.  


G E O R G I A  is designed by Maria Dora 

Words and poems on the front page by Jack Sunnucks

Photographers: Amy Li, Keith Oshiro 

Artists: Danny Bowien, Keisuke Asano