Renditions (Collection 3) follows the journey of William*, a man who experiences a revelatory awakening during a long awaited day of escape. In a feverish dream, William wanders aimlessly through the hills in search of Vincent Van Gogh, the patron saint of his aspirations and desires. What to wear on such a journey are unusual but sincere riffs on the familiar - chore jackets in a micro suede wale, work pants in distressed painted denim.

Crochet berets and woven museum blankets give way to bonded cotton twill and candy colored knits, all perfectly sun washed to a languid touch. Renditions is a capsule collection focused not on a new destination, but simply a leisurely road less traveled. __ *William is William Edward Sibley, an American character actor who recently decided to pursue his craft full time in April 2021.

Last summer we were both working on the same intense 1920s period drama, but did not meet until after filming had concluded. His tenacity and sense of wonder helped inspire this collection, which also takes notes from Julian Schnabel’s At Eternity’s Gate.


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