Ana Roxanne

by Georgia ic25

Name: Ana Roxanne


Age: 33


Preferred Medium: Music


Birthplace/Current City: Hayward, CA/Los Angeles, CA


How are you feeling? A bit isolated, daydreaming about ideal futures.


Do you find inspiration in your everyday life? If so, how? For me, inspiration strikes very randomly. Still trying to figure out my routine/work structure and how it ties in with that.


What are your most important artistic tools? My voice and my romantic nature.


Is there anyone you admire? My friends and their work. People with humility.


How do you know when a piece is done? When it brings certain emotions out of me. When I’m absolutely exhausted from working on it.


Do you have a work outfit? Not really but I love the idea of having one. I went to Catholic high school so uniforms are burned into my psyche, but in a way that I’ve grown to appreciate.


What’s your favorite thing about being an artist? Having a way to communicate outside of talking.


If you could create your own clothes to work in, what would they be? A suit of some kind. I’ve always had an affinity for men’s workwear.


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Photographer: Keith Oshiro