Willy Choi

by Georgia ic25


Age: 26

Preferred Medium: Analog

Birthplace / Current City: Los Angeles, CA 


Describe the path that lead you to the work you do now:


Graduated from ArtCenter College of Design back in 2016. I am now freelancing my services as a video producer, fashion / graphic designer, musician and modeling.


Outside of your work, what do you care about?


My dog James, and riding / restoring old motorcycles with my dad.


Do you find inspiration in your everyday life? If so, how?


Always! I find inspiration from all sides of life. I’ve learned to embrace life's ups and downs, maintaining in a world of controlled chaos. :) the unity of opposites!


How do you find balance in your work?


It took me a while to develop myself in so many different fields but eventually my perseverance paid off. I love the balance I’ve achieved between the different mediums of creative process. The how is really just going back and forth between projects to keep a fresh perspective. This quote specifically relates to music but I love the idea of applying it to my creative aspirations universally. “ it took me years to learn how to play like myself “ -Miles Davis


How does your individual practice influence your work?


Having an advertising background, I was forced to learn how to make my brain be in a state of ideating whenever necessary. on demand. Learning to control my health, diet, sleep, and stress levels in order to create a naturally stimulated environment to support idea making. This process led me to appreciate the balance between forced creative work and a seamless subconscious flow of thought.


What’s your favorite thing about being an artist?


Being able to problem solve and improvise. I love that art is subjective but still strict. The concept of being more creative when you have less tools constantly applies to my process. Art has helped me both process and express my inner most human struggles. I owe my life to creation. “you don’t SEE, if you only SEE, what you’re allowed to SEE”

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